SAR Journal: Heart Mountain Evac

Hiker Rescued from Heart Mountain (press release)


A female hiker from Atlanta, Georgia was brought down off of Heart Mountain yesterday, by the Park County Search and Rescue Unit (SAR) after she complained of severe abdominal pains such that she was unable to hike back down the mountain.

The initial call came into the Park County 911 Communications Center at 11:15 a.m. The 17 year old was hiking with friends from the trailhead at the Heart Mountain Ranch which is owned by the Nature Conservancy. They had made it to within 400 feet from the summit when her condition deteriorated.

A SAR ground unit as well as a wilderness medical team from West Park Hospital was deployed and able to reach the victim at 1:15 p.m. They were able to stabilize her before walking her down the mountain on a “wheeled litter.”

Due to the elevation and rugged terrain, it took the teams approximately 3 hours to get her back to the trailhead. She was then transported to West Park Hospital by ambulance where her condition is unknown at this time.

My Comments
this is a narrow and often steep trail with many rocky sections. Even with the wheeled litter, we needed lots of manpower to safely bring the victim down.


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