TwitterSelfie I’m a writer and climber with many years of experience in the backcountry. In the summer, you’ll find me rock-climbing, peak-bagging and hiking, with some trail-running and mountain-biking thrown in. In the winter, I’m out there ice-climbing and snow-shoeing and spring is mountain-climbing season!

I’ve lived and climbed all over the USA and in places as far-flung as Australia and Peru. Right now my home is deep in the Rocky Mountains, where I’m surrounded by beautiful challenge and scenic glory. I’m a member of the local wilderness Search & Rescue team and summer is a busy time for us. Many of the posts on this blog will be safety-related as I’d like to help people enjoy our spectacular mountains without getting into trouble.

You’ll also find lots of gear reviews on this blog and most of them will contain links to the products I like. In some cases, these will be affiliate links and I’ll earn a tiny percentage of your purchase price if you click on them to purchase the product. I’m serious about gear and I know where the best prices are and I’ll always point to the best deal available at the time the review is written.

If you enjoy fiction, check out my author page at YvetteWardHorner.com. There are links to some of my published short stories there.


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